It is different from one person to another, based on your weight, height, age, level of physical activity, and health.
The nutritionist will help you to set your plan whether you need an exercise plan depending on your basic metabolic rate.
Yes. We tailor your nutrition plan based on your personal data like age, height, weight, allergy and physical activity dealing with different health cases like: diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, etc.
According to your desired goal but we advise you to always eat a balanced diet as it is the best way to achieve your weight management goals.
Yes. We offer a large variety of vegetarian meals.
Yes. You can still enjoy your coffee, but stick to the limit of cups according to your case.
If you are suffering from any vitamin deficiency you should take them aligned with your diet plan.
Not in all cases. Although some cases need intermediate fasting to accelerate their fat burning.
Yes. We already have a 2 week plan so you can taste different meals.





Sharq, Kuwait